Finding the Best Website Hosting Solution

Finding the Best Website Hosting Company could be an intimidating task. If you don’t have a lot of knowledge about hosting, it is probably best to go for a tried and proven option. But what exactly would be the parameters on which to judge whether or not they are reliable? We’ll discuss here some important aspects that could help you choose the best host.

Best Website Hosting

Speed – The speed of your website hosting provider is by far the most important aspect that can make or break your experience. The best hosting excels in speed, uptime and support so these three key factors are also the corner stones for any meaningful online website hosting comparison. It can’t be any easier to tell the difference between good and great as a website that is consistently online and loads quickly trumps anything else.

Bandwidth – Obviously if you are going to run a website then you need to have enough space to accommodate all your files. There are basically two types of unlimited hosting providers: free and paid. Free providers usually offer a limited amount of bandwidth, while paying unlimited hosting providers usually offer unlimited bandwidth. So in essence it boils down to what do you want from your website? Are you running a blog where you upload text and images? Or are you just looking for a place to store some documents?

Unlimited Bandwidth – If your intent is just to upload a few small images then free web hosting services are fine. However if you are looking to host a small video then paid web hosting service is the only way to go. With paid hosting providers the limitations are purely on your shoulders. On a shared server you will have server space allocated to each user, which means there is no ceiling on how much bandwidth you can use. This can be beneficial if you want to utilize more bandwidth than you actually use.

Support – If you have any problems with your site, then having a good support team on hand is crucial. With free hosting services the only support you receive is when your site goes down. If your site takes down frequently, you will not receive much support since most free hosting services do not provide it. With paid hosting services you will usually receive support twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Customer Support – When using a virtual private server the customer support is not affected. You do not need to worry about connecting to the internet every five minutes in order to ask questions or file issues. With a dedicated hosting service you will need to know how to connect to the internet and you will also be expected to know how to solve problems that occur. With a virtual private server your customer support is at your fingertips twenty-four hours a day seven days a week.

Flexibility – Even though some hosts do charge you for extra space, this space does not come with a guarantee. With the best web hosting solution you are not locked into a contract and can move as often as your needs require. Some hosts do not allow you to do this. You can choose to pay extra for a larger space when needed and this space is more flexible.

Bandwidth – Although some free web hosting plans are unlimited in bandwidth, some premium website hosting plans do not offer this benefit. You will want to determine how much bandwidth you need before choosing a host. Most belugacdn website hosting plans offer between one and ten gigabytes of bandwidth. Remember that each gigabyte of bandwidth is used, so if you only use ten gigabytes a month then you may not be able to make a connection on a site with one GB of bandwidth.

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